Ara Saturni

Ara Saturni-01


LTUR 153


  • Early years of Republic: Altar created
  • Augustan Era: Altar still exists, at least until this period

Physical evidence

  • Treated as very ancient by Romans (made by Janus, Hercules, or Tullus Hostilius)
  • Primary element of an open sanctuary near the temple that likely resembled the Area Saturni
  • Next to the northeast part of the temple (confirmed by authors describing it as at the foot of the Capitoline)

Literary sources

  • Dion. Hal. 1.34.4 (location)
  • Fest. 430 L (location)
  • Macr. Sat. 1.7.23, 1.7.27-28, 1.7.31, 1.8.1-2 (creator)
  • Var. ling. 5.42 (location)